Please take a moment to read through and see how I schedule to expedite making a superlative connection. 




Mon-Fri by appt 

4 -24 Hours notice please, Screening required for booking. Deposit may be required.Please read the deposit and cancelation protocol.


Skype sessions, Kik Sessions, Snapchat Sessions *Daily* 11-7 

live one on one *(Higher fee rate)


10/$50 20min/$100 30min/$120 45min/$150 60min/$200

multiple payment options-Cashapp, Indiebill,Googlepay and more.

Twitter @missgracetweets



Initial Contact & Light Screening:


Please provide your real-world information only. Full name, age, and cell number. Basic physical description and general info are also required to assist me in safety screening.


Once you have secured your appointment:


Please call the morning of your appointment by 9 am to confirm. I may not answer but I will call back.


Please remove your shoes upon entering and then

wash your hands and freshen up upon arrival I find it clears stagnant energy from outside. A temperature scan is required due to Covid-19 upon meeting. 


I ask that people to hit the shower regardless of where they have come from upon arrival. Please respect this. 


Please do not ask vulgar or explicit questions or use acronyms alluding to illicit behavior.


Please do not contact me excessively before or in between meetings. Likewise, do not attempt to overstay your appointment time. My time is always compensated for regardless of the context.


I am nice but I will ask you to either pay or leave. 

I do not provide make ca-caw noises or send smoke signals to tell you how to locate me. I am in a private home and you will need to follow my specific protocol for I will not give you GPS coordinates, an exact address, directions etc, which keeps me safe and secure. Please be patient, it isn't really a secret mission.


Discretion is key to our encounters so please keep that in mind and be discreet in your comings and goings. Likewise please don't be loud while you are here, a little common sense goes a long way.


I don't care whom you've seen, nor do I wish to hear about it. Please keep your senses about you. I won't entertain gossips or negative banter.