The In's and Out's of Ass Play

September 9, 2015

What makes strap on play so damn fun and intense? Well it depends on who you are. For men, no it doesn't make you homosexual. It makes you open to pleasure and receptive to allowing someone stimulate all of those wonderfully powerful nerve endings. Enjoying ass play has nothing to do with sexual preferences or who you choose to love. Let that marinate for a minute. 


Okay, now back to the discussion at hand. As a person with formal medical education I have excellent working knowledge of the human anatomy. I know how the genitalia work and what all of those fabulous erogenous zones are designed for. I also know that many people are hung up on ideas of perception and are very concerned about what others may view as "normal" sexual activity.


What is normal for one person is not for another. I enjoy assplay and strap on immensely. It pleases me to be able to bring my partner to new levels of heightened arousal and ecstasy. While some gals may not be into it, I adore strapping up and strapping on. I have a lovely collection of strap on toys in various sizes and textures as well as a few harnesses. For beginners, I usually start with mild prostate awakening. It is often the most intense experience a man can have. Many women also have extremely powerful orgasms through ass play as well. 


I always suggest making sure you prepare first by making sure you are thoroughly cleaned out ( anal douching helps) and avoid any large meals prior to anal play. Make sure you use plenty of water based lube such as Maximus and always cover any toys prior to use with condoms for health reasons. Likewise use nitrile gloves for any hands/fingers penetrating the ass to prevent accidental tears and of course health reasons. If anal fisting intrigues you, please build up to it very slowly. Not everyone knows how to do this properly. I know my way around a man's ass and have extremely small hands. I know what feels good and what doesn't. I also know what is safe and what is not. I would never force my tiny hand anywhere it would not comfortably fit. That is not an ER visit I want to make. Please play safe and have fun!

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