Keeping It Together

December 23, 2015

How do completely engaging ladies provide you with a superlative experience and keep boundaries firmly intact? You've spent a few hours with your favorite lady languishing in her affections only to wonder why she isn't interested in that dinner after hours? Why she won't date you or see you after hours even though everything seems spot on during your time together. She may be beautiful, articulate, sexy, and well versed in the art of seduction, but she is also a smart business woman.


As authentic as these moments are, being a provider is still a largely performative job for many. For those of us who very genuine we still keep professional boundaries. We may have fun with our work and even enjoy it at times but we still have no interest in fishing out of the client pool. We know your ins and outs, about your struggles and triumphs. We also know that even if on the rare off chance that we were to hit it off amazingly well that it is much more complicated than you have likely thought of. We have cut off a source of revenue and exposed ourselves to the potential of being emotionally rejected. Something we aren't used to. Usually we are the ones saying no, stop that, and no I don't care to see you again.


So what happens in our world when it does on the off chance that the cosmos collide and we get blindsided by forces beyond our control? Well, denial, it's not just a river in Egypt. You spend a lot of time trying to convince yourself that you are simply annoyed by the other persons existence and the sex is just super insanely good and that is all. After denial you start bargaining with yourself....I really can't like this person because A)My situation B) Their Situation C) It's Raining out D) Maybe I Can. Then a bit of acceptance slowly starts to creep in. Maybe I might be okay with this. 


Whatever the reasons may be it is extremely rare if and when it does happen. We have as much as you do to risk. We fear the unknown, not being in control, and the implications our jobs may have. Afterall, this is how you met us. For some it can work great and has. It takes strong folks with an open mind and understanding heart. No room for jealousy here. 


For our part we also must take the time to assure that our partners are getting that special time and attention that they need. We take special care to give our partners the very best of ourselves which is so much more tha anyone can really fathom. It is like having a sexy nurse on call whenever you need her. Whether is is simply an ear to listen, a cuddle, or just asking what the other person needs without expectations. That is what is most important. The difference is that we have the power to give of ourselves quite unconditionally and do. That isn't something that can be shared with just anyone. And while I am bound to get a flurry of emails after this gets read by my I am not looking to date any of you and no I am not harboring any secret lust for any of you. So please don't start flooding my inbox with inappropriate offers. That position has been filled.


So what are the potential benefits of being with an independant sexually spirited gal? Well, I'll likely never tire of sex and want a variety of salacious acts in a variety of ways. I will encourage my partner to fulfill their needs as well as mine. Whether that includes other partners or not is a-okay with me. I'm wide open to an enticing three way with a non-mechanical and equally attractive woman that just wants to be our play thing. I want to lay naked on the beach (preferably under a big umbrella I burn). I want to fulfill your fantasies and allow myself to be entirely submissive if only for a few moments. I simply wish to explore all of the fun and raucus things we've both been missing at the end of a long day. 

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