Nothing Good Happens At My Age

December 23, 2015

Yesterday I received a contact request that was a bit sad. As I looked at it for screening something immediately stood out as peculiar. The information supplied indicated that the gentleman was 50 years old and a retired health care professional. Hmm...Well In order to be a DMD according to what I was pulling for information he would have had to have become a DMD at age 5. Not likely and rather foolish to think that I was that much of an idiot that I wouldn't check.


After running a full check I find out this guy is 73 not 50. Now did he really think that I would not find this out? That I would not be able to tell the difference between a 73 year old man and a 50 year old man when and if we met? I have no major issues with age but I do have an issue with being lied to. I feel like if you are going to lie to me about something so ridiculous as that what else are you going to lie to me about? What is even the point of that? It is so outlandish that anyone would even think that someone can't tell they are 23 years older. Christ I can tell that from the online photo I found of you.


So I had to ask why? What was the point in lying when you are attempting to get an appointment with me? The answer that I got was mildly apologetic, but mostly sad faded vanity. I was told that nothing good happens at that age. When women find out that he is 73, the won't see him. I wondered if it was that or had he lied initially. I have never had an issue with older gentlemen that take good care of themselves. As long as they are in good health and hygienic like everyone else. Age really isn't a factor.


What is a factor and cost this man an appointment was that one lie. I felt sad for him in a way that he really seemed to believe that no one wanted to be near a man of his age. That is a foolish way of thinking. You can't change the way others think, I would just be really disparaged if any of my friends or loved ones felt this way as they aged. Aging is a part of life and I had always envisoned that part of life as a beautiful time in life. Yes we wrinkle, no it isn't considered glamorous. However, some of the most beautiful people I know look rather striking with a few hard earned wrinkles and the wisdom they've earned. There is also a lot to be said for the joy in laugh lines and tracing the memories of a lifetime. Perhaps that is the super positive person in me always seeing the bright side of things. 

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