Be in the moment

March 23, 2016

Waves of bliss crashed over me, mounting as I tensed and released. There was a primal and carnal element to each moment as I became free and lost in a clarity that allowed pleasure and peace in the same moment. My mind completely blank and present in the moment, simply feeling and doing. I felt the rapid fire succession of the first of many gushing orgasms force their way through my body. Each surge becoming stronger turning my thighs into weapons that might crush my lovers neck out of shear delight. What had I been missing out on? Inexperienced lovers or just those who were unaware of what the fuck that happy spongy spot was inside me?


Rarely had anyone but my girlfriend been able to accomplish such lusty feats of truly electric sexual energy. Was I being prepared for some sort of bizarre oral interrogation technique? I'm pretty sure after I was done speaking in strange tongues I would have confessed to hiding Jimmy Hoffa's body some where or given up deeply held female secrets I know nothing about. I knew I couldn't be controlled by my sexual urges, but I surely could enjoy this. At least for a bit. 


Trying to cage me in any type of manner is like an exercise in shoveling shit against the tide. Keep shoveling and you will just be there forever! I am far too independent to be wrapped up in anyone's sticky fingers for long. Whether it be wanderlust, or simply my own need to be free to fly I am not one to be tamed.Luckily my partners seem to respect that.


 I want to live in the moment, be present and feel the beauty of those I am around and breathe it in. Those moments are intoxicating and remind me that I am amazingly alive. I want to smell, touch, taste, feel, hear, everything. We rush too much in life and to slow down and really drink lifes pleasures in makes us appreciate each moment. Eat the cookie, savor it! Smell the flowers, nibble behind the ear, touch a person's heart or the warmth of their skin. Feel the mud between your toes....warm and squishy! 

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