Full moons and the loonie eclipse affect on emails....

March 24, 2016

Welcome to the wonderful world of morons, psychopaths, and mental defectives....now let's see what we can do with the remaining emails I have left. Yesterday being a full moon and loonie eclipse made my inbox explode with whacky crap. Why? Because that is just part of the gig. Sometimes it makes me laugh, sometimes, I shake my head, other times I just pray for the one or two quasi-normal dudes to meander through. Don't get me wrong I have some great people, but I am fussy about who I will keep company with and can tolerate very little nonsense.


The adult industry seems to attract all sorts of curious types of folks. My email inbox is regularly full of those wanting all sorts of different things. Everyone wants a piece of the proverbial pie. Now that being said, I have to weed through a pile of fucked up emails. From the crude and rude to the absolutely bizarre. Then there are those who simply cannot follow basic directions. I know we were supposed to learn how to do that in grade school but I digress. Some guys don't want to divulge their information feeling that would be risky. Well why would a lady of my caliber see some anonymous guy? I know you have references from Sally Sue who says you are wonderful. Sometime when a guys says "Trust me I am safe" that absolutely kills me. Oh sure man, if you say so it must be true!


Let me tell you about your references, they aren't going to help me should you pull a nutty for some reason and get weird or assualt me. I know ladies wo have been harmed by good clients gone bad after accepting the word of another reputable lady. References don't mean squat. I am not putting my safety in anyones hands but my own. Neither should anyone. If a lady isn't screening you fully and performing due dilligence than she has nothing to lose. You should run fast in the other direction. I am easily verifiable and you should be too if you want to see any lady who has her act together. This is about having a fun, relaxing time. It isn't rocket science.


When it comes to discretion I am often asked about how I maintain a client's privacy. Who am I going to tell? No one. No one will ever know that we have met unless YOU tell someone. I am no longer on the review boards as a method of maintaining my privacy and discretion. I am certainly not running about telling anyone about myy encounters, because..why would I? I never engaged in that behavior and find discretion the better part of valor. It is always assured and expected. 

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