Got Provider problems?

March 25, 2016

There are a lot of different ways that different types of professionals conduct their businesses. First and foremost as a potential or even established client remember that no matter how much fun you are having it is still a business. If your chosen professional is really good you won't feel that you are being "serviced" so to speak. The business end of things will be taken care of discreetly. Boundaries are always maintained and all parties should respect that regardless. 


That being said there are some basic things that can put you on a professional's personal do not see list or even the dreaded "Providers Blacklist" for all ladies to see. Trust me, be smart and don't get silly. No one ever wants to end up on either of these places. Sadly though, some guys (and ladies too) do end up getting themselves on the shit list for a variety of issues. It should be common sense but this is why I am writing this. 


So here we go! 


Camping is what we gals call it when you just can't shove a client out the damn door. You all know who you are. We try to be nice, then firm..Suggest it's late. Then get the inevitable questions abot what our day might consist of. What does it matter? Get the fuck out! We have shit to do! Just like you it was fun and you must go now. Be mindful of your time. If you book 90 minutes don't push to stay that extra 20 minutes off the clock. It's rude. Pay her for her time. Plan to see her for 2 hours or keep it moving. This is a real issue with some pro hobbyist types and ladies are onto it. We like you but some of you need to just jack off in the car and leave the envelope under the door and text us goodbye ok? Not you nice respectful types of course!


Fantasy bookers we know who you are, you kind of want that appointment but maybe you keep chickening out or maybe it's the thrill of making the appointment. Well guess what? Everyone knows which people are doing this because they do it again and again and we all compare notes. Yep, their is a secret sex worker sisterhood where we just laugh at this dumb shit. You aren't affecting our bottom line anymore. So by the time you finally pull the trigger you will have cried wolf so many times it will be just you and your hand my friend.



Psychotic texter/caller/emailer is that client who doesn't seem to understand that maybe just maybe you aren't sitting around in lingerie all day peeling grapes waiting for them to contact you. They reach out and even if you expected it once they don't hear back immediately they start texting or calling or blowing smoke signals whatever every 2 minutes for the rest of the day. Well geez, now that seems really stable and normal to me! Calm the fuck down! Does it ever occur to anyone ever that we do have lives that exist out of the microcosm of providing? It is hard to believe but we aren't just sexbots.


Tirekickers and wheeler dealer types or the FWB guys...These ones want it all but they just can't really afford it. Even if they can they just don't want to fork over the dough. They want to eat the steak and then feel bad that they spent money on Filet Mignon when they only meant to buy Sirloin. They get pissed that they are even paying for attention. It is a continual back and forth mental mind fuck with these types. They are fucking themselves in the head and until they can see past the narcisism of their ways won't be good clients. Budget booty isn't good for anyone. I don't devalue myself for damaged goods and neither will any other lady. A good client values his provider and treats her accordingly. Don't be that guy!


Boundary crossing can be an issue that crops it's ugly little head up in a variety of ways. It can seem innocent enough at first. It is never okay to try and insert yourself into a providers life in any way. Keep things friendly and casual. Inevitably there will be things you will share but never push for personal details. Allow your provider to maintain a level of privacy. Don't be intrusive or show up at unscheduled times. Don't bombard her with calls etc. Just be cool and you will be fine. Don't get silly and profess your love for her, you will likely be rebuffed. Even if she is the sweetest lady you've met enjoy your time and look forward to seeing her again. 

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