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May 18, 2016

There are so very many facets to what a companion does, even more to what a sensual companion who also plays into the kink realm like myself. I've always been very far from vanilla in most aspects of my life. I'm vibrant and curious. I love to learn, laugh, and I am extremely passionate in all endeavors. So it is only fitting that sexually I crave passion and warmth. I to touch and be touch, to kiss endlessly and to explore as much as I possibly can. I enjoy it all, men, women, trans, doesn't matter. I see beauty, lust, love, companionship and sexuality as non binary things. I've never cared much about gender and genitalia. What attracts me is a person who stimulates my mind, makes me laugh, can caress my body and yet still hold my interest with great conversation. These are my favorite types of folks to meet.


I've been very fortunate to meet some truly wonderful people and I am grateful for having such fantastic clients. I am treated very well for catering to my clients' discretion, privacy, and comfort. I go out of my way to maintain a lovely, immaculate private upscale location that is warm and welcoming. I want you to feel safe and comfortable when you are with me so that you will always feel happy to return. The things that matter are small touches, making sure your time is never rushed or interrupted and everything has been planned uniquely for you specifically. Whether it be the soft amber glow of candles or preparing myself in that one specific outfit that I know you really like, I never leave out any detail. When you want to spice things up I'm the gal with an arsenal of toys, lingerie, floggers, restraints, toys 4 boys, and more. I truly love what I do and it shows in my smile and passionate kisses. I am as playful as I am sharp. I genuinely enjoy witty banter with a good conversationalist and possess a natural confidence and casual calm manner. 


I spend a lot of time listening to people discuss the things that they can't with their partners. Their fears, desires, hopes and regrets. I'm like a passionate therapist to some, and a stress outlet to others. Some come to me because they are unable to engage their partners, some are single and simply choose not to date, and still some have pent up desires they may consider forbidden. So I do play many roles and yet they still all fall under one big red umbrella. Some see me as some sort of sex super hero, a sex goddess harboring orgasmic secrets. Some see me as a naughty secret and some see me as the lady that turned their sexuality around and woke them up. To those gentlemen I am the gal that opened them up to the endless possibilities of pleasure that they had never known was available to them. They were willing to explore and I invited them on a journey of discovery and ecstasy. 


It's rare I have to part ways with any of my clients. It is sad when I have to drop the proverbial hammer and kick them back into the net for a technical foul. However, sadly it does happen from time to time. Sometimes boundaries get crossed or things just stop working out. Other times clients just wear out their welcome or start expecting to be a side boyfriend etc. Either way, this is why we keep fees and boundaries in place. Even though I may be really good at what I do, and I am trust me! I may love to see you and even find you sexy as hell but even if we have crazy chemistry let's keep it real. You are paying for my time and I want you to go afterwards. If you absolutely need to have a long passionate night of frenzied lust with me I am pretty sure that we can figure out a comfortable way to arrange that. I do however snore and sometimes drool and I still

steal the blankets and will consider this when figuring out the fee. I'm not entirely heartless after all.







romantic an













on a journey of exploration.





under one umbrella 

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