Provider with a heart of tinfoil

July 15, 2016

I've been told that I am a much kinder and sweeter person in person than what may sometimes be projected via email and online. This is likely true, but I am also a bit sassy and smartassy too. I have a very typical Boston Irish sense of humor although I have lived in many different places. I can be sarcastic but underneath it all I am a kind and caring soul. 


I am more attached to my dog than I am most people in my life. So while a lot of women really get into material objects like jewelry, shoes, bags, and the like I just really don't. I would rather save my money so I can take time off and dedicate myself to my writing and art. I find that is the reward and most amazing reward of what I do. Not only do I provide a healing experience for others, but I am allowed to have healing space for myself.


I don't work much because I don't want to. I am not a machine and would rather truly enjoy the connections I make and look forward to seeing my chosen clientele. (Yes I used the word chosen, I am very picky about who I see, it isn't a marketing ploy.) I have no habits to support (except sometimes eating Cheetos when I am sitting naked on the couch watching tv) so having regulars and making my own schedule is really tit.


I would rather hike with my dog and focus on my artistic ventures which truly fulfill me than be one of those gals that just is a revolving door. That has no appeal to me and I would have burned out a long time ago. I am not interested in a lot of fancy stuff or collecting stuff. I just want to keep my bills paid and have enough left over to spoil the pooch and donate a bag or two of food to the animal shelter now and again. Of course I do enjoy a little pizza too and I always share the crusts with my four legged friend but hey pizza is cheap right?


Having a big heart can make you somewhat prone to being a softy when you see people going through a tough time. I often care too much about the well being of others which comes naturally to me. Having been in health care I have a nurturing ability that seems to exceed the norm. I always want to know that everyone has been fed and cared for and tucked in at night so to speak. I am usually the first person to offer a kind word or a hug. Sometimes that part of me can be easily exhausted because of the energy it requires. While I am good at energy management, I just don't always know how to balance it all the time. On the flip side of that if I am irritable I practice Irish diplomacy extremely well. That would be the art of telling someone to go to hell and having them enjoy the trip.

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