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August 11, 2016

When you start to get to know different people through any type of business you start to learn about different clients. Each different business will of course attract a different type of clientele. Moe's Hoe's with the drive thru window well they probably offer like the blo n go special for that cheap guy on the go. He doesn't want to take the time to get out just unzip and he's off! Cheap, quick, effective. Sketchy? likely. But hey it worked. This guy doesn't care who the hell he sees at all. He just is looking for a hole and a pulse..maybe a pulse.


Next on our tour is the half hour honey! This is a step up to a no tell hotel, trailer, housing project, questionable section 8 apartment dwelling or other similar setting. You will find that most but not all reputable ladies do not offer half hour rates. It takes far too long to prepare and is too much investment and risk to bother with such a short visit. The traffic alone is not worth it. However, you have arrived at the location and are now hoping that this is the gal in the picture. *It probably isn't* So now here you are...Cigarette smoke greets you and you don't want to waste your investment because you are a quick cummer and you are committed.This isn't the girl you don't think. But whatever. Guys like this don't like paying for a receptacle for their sperm and tend to resent it sometimes. Others don't. Some just can't afford the rates and they have a budget for this. This guy won't bother screening her because he just wanted an appointment and the price was right. You get what you pay for. Do your research and don't be in a hurry and so cheap, this is a luxury not a necessity. These guys want the hour but are afraid of being ripped off and I can see why.


Moving over to the next stop you've got your first hour appointment. This gal is offering a special. Why? Because it attracts attention. It is a marketing ploy. However it works in reverse.  Some guys see it having leverage to negotiate. Some guys will endlessly email looking for frequent flyer rates etc. I am special everyday. I don't offer any of that nonsense. I don't go on sale. My time is valuable as is yours. If I go out and happen to get a little banged up hiking with my dog or boating do you honestly expect me to run a scratch and dent sale? 


The high dollar honey is where it's at! Speaking as Maine's premier HDH & Sensual Domme I can honestly say that I can be selective of who I see and provide a safe upscale environment. I appeal to a variety of clients but only see those who appeal to me personally. I want to see those I can also engage in rich conversations with and laugh heartily with while enjoying each other. I have a passion for the art of the tease as well as a wickedly perverse mind. I am fully equipped with toys you've never seen and gadgets to make you squeal and blush. I take great delight in bringing you right to the edge of your boundaries and seeing if you will let me take you over.I am a plethora of pleasure and wickedly delicious.


Many of these guys will not want to screen and many of these gals won't even ask for any screening information, Sadly this is because there is a huge opiate crisis in Maine and the gals are often running super low rates to get a fix. They don't care who they see as long as they get their fix. When a straight clean gal tries to screen them they become paranoid that you are out to harm them. I am always thinking no dude, I want to make sure you aren't going to rape, beat, rob or murder me. I don't know if I can't check to make sure you aren't already up for charges...DUH!!!! There are blacklists out there and often guys who cause issues are listed there by other ladies. We all need a way to stay safe and if us gals don't keep a network how will we stay safe from the ever growing list of fucktards out there? So the next time a gal tries to screen you don't give her a hard time. She is trying to stay safe before she hopefully brings you into her beautiful private domain to show you the time of your life.

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