Jenga Freezer

September 7, 2016

Staring at the frightening mess inside the freezer I was suddenly overwhelmed by it....Fucking meat. There was so much fucking meat in there it was about to become a dangerous avalanche threatening to attack me at any moment. Somehow I got all this crap in here and now it didn't really matter what I wanted to thaw out and eat. It was what the hell could I actually take out of this Jenga frozen carcass puzzle without breaking a foot or getting a concussion. 


I just kept staring in amazement at how I had completely fucked myself and needed surgical precision to remove just one item. I placed one hand up to brace some precarious looking red meat substance (which of course wasn't labeled) and made a cautious attempt for what I think might be steak tips. I don't know because yet again none of this is labeled. Mystery meat at it's best. Scraping my little fingers past what I think was once scallops I made a swipe for the (hopefully) steak tips and babam! Four other unidentified freezer objects go flying everywhere. My feet go in unnatural directions and I utter even more expletives. I swear my neighbors think I all I do is drop objects and Fbombs. 


Now I have to get this crap back into another Jenga freezer puzzle. Hope that this really is steak tips once it thaws....If not what ever dude! I will work with it. Sometimes life offers you steak tips...sometimes you realize you have stew beef...whatever you end up with you just go with the flow and make it work.

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