Thoughts from the bedpost at night

September 7, 2016

Reflecting at the end of a day as I  smeared some sort of anti-wrinkle cream on my face I smiled and felt a happy quiver shudder through my lady bits. Some days were good but today had been freaking great. I was tired in a good way, the kind of cozy sleepy you get from really good sex or hard exercise. I secretly thanked whatever forces were at work for the good vibes and excellent company. 


The evenings have been cooling off and it is perfect sleeping weather. Also perfect for cuddling and getting as cozy as you want and revving up the body heat. This is my favorite time of year. Warm days and cool nights. There is almost always an excuse to nuzzle up and I am a notorious cuddler. I can be like an Octopus at times wrapping my arms and legs around someone until I am comfortable. Then of course once I do fall asleep I steal all of the blankets and wrap myself up like a burrito. This doesn't make me a good co sleeper which is probably why I sleep exclusively with my pets. I can't even sleep with my closest gal pal anymore....(Her hair in my face drives me a million spiders all over the pillow! Crazy!)


I keep thinking of taking a short overnight visit here or there just to take off and get away. Not for any particular reason. I simply just don't know where the heck I want to go or why. So I keep checking the mountains and the coastal options. Yet nothing really has piqued my interest. Maybe I just haven't found the right spot yet. Where is my inspiration??? I do feel the need to go venturing, I have some wanderlust that needs to be satiated. Of course as soon as I go somewhere I always want to come home within 2 days lol. I may never outgrow that. 

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