No Fear

September 8, 2016

Sometimes people will act as if they fearless in front of others. In reality we all have fears. It's just a part of life. Overcoming our fears can take hand holding sometimes. I personally have learned that I have to look some of my fears dead in the eye. Then they aren't such a big deal especially if you strike first, then you can punch that fear right in the face. 

Well, it doesn't always work that way for everyone and sometimes it can be somewhat amusing to have mild fun with fear. Fear excites a person and can be thrilling as well as kind of funny. 

Recently I encountered a couple of situations where I had some good fun at the expense of others  (I can be a real asshole). 

So I knew my partner didn't care much for creepy crawly things and I was the official spider remover in the house. I never kill them I just put them outside because they aren't hurting anyone. I've also jumped in front of some big bitches to save this partner from a crazy ass beating. Well I didn't know that snakes were really freaking my partner out. I have a small snake who is yes social. 

Well social snake was making a run for it up the side of her glass terrarium the other night when I heard some frantic cussing. "SHE'S ESCAPING" Ha ha well she isn't going far. So I calmly reassured scaredy pants that she does this regularly and will slither around the top of her enclosure trying to get out. There's cage locks but if she gets out she might get cold and crawl in bed for warmth. (Not likely)

I watched the color drain out of a once lively face. "This is why you should not get a big snake" Bwahaha, silly....If you would just relax and handle her maybe you would not fear her?

In the ladies restroom I encountered a woman and her young son washing their hands. The boy around age 7 was voicing his concern about the Dyson hand dryer. His mother reassured him it would not turn on unless someone put their hands in it.

 Oh wow is this kid going to avoid hand dryers forever? I mean here is my chance to throw one hand in that dryer and scream "It's got me! SAVE YOURSELF" I  really wanted to. I thought about it. I didn't though. I grabbed a couple of paper towels and thought about how my folks would have made me stick my hands in the dryer. There wouldn't have been any whining, just do it. Fear gone.

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