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September 12, 2016

What do we do with our time? The simple answer would be, what does it matter? I've observed not only a curiosity about what happens when we aren't in session as well as some myths.

I for one am very low volume and don't sit around in lingerie having sexy pillow fights with my hot girlfriends waiting for calls and emails. I know my schedule days in advance. If I am playing with  my hot girlfriends it's not when I'm working. They get my undivided attention!

Lots of gals run other small businesses and I am no exception. I can't speak to the local ladies, however, the ladies I know across the country are all professionals in multiple business ventures. You have to plan ahead as with anything else and think about your long range goals.

We have to plan for each meeting we will have that week, every client is different. Preparations will be different and this all takes time. There is also the hair, makeup, and physical upkeep that goes into making sure we are looking great

Each email has to be either answered, deleted for lack of information (or stupidity, vulgarity), or screened. Screening can take time, sometimes it is easy peasy and sometimes it is like shoveling shit against the tide. There is a lot of thought, safety checking, and consideration that goes into approving a potential client. It isn't about getting rich, it's about making great lasting connections with good people.

Some gals have families, we all have friends. Many are active in a myriad of different community and volunteer organizations. The common stigma is that only damaged persons work in the adult industry which is an  extremely harmful and shameful message. Sex work is work that can be done by choice without the coercion of anyone else or the influence of mind altering substances or mental health issues.

Many of the gals do congegate to support one another, talk shop, and just blow off steam. It does happen and it is important. It's a good time to laugh about some of the things that you can't really tell anyone else.

Lots of the time some gal might plan on spending time with the dog and a pizza on Friday night. So that last minute text asking if she is available goes like this...."What are you doing...." ding beep ding

"Oh fark" looks at dog, turns down tv like text can hear. "Busy"

Phew avoided having to put clothes back on dude! Gets imaginary dog high five. I'm just too cozy at this point in my life to jump for anyone.

If a gal is eating pizza with the dog, playing naked scrabble with her girlfriend or picking the fly poop off of pepper kernels, whatever. We usually lead fairly active and busy lives like everyone else.

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