Chilly fall morning

September 13, 2016

The brisk chill of fall was present as I crawled deeper under the covers peering at the clock fuzzy eyed. 6am. Hmm...surveying around the room everything looked pretty quiet. Big cat snoring on one pillow, little cat on floor and dog curled up beside me. I wanted to sleep in longer but I started thinking....that always happens. Then the restless sort of stretching and wham no more sleep. My perfect cocoon of sleepy cozy bliss was now open and vulnerable to the elements. How chilly was it? Would Mr Doggyhead have to go out right away or would he be cool and wait until I had a cup of coffee in my sweats?

Flopping myself out of bed like I was on new legs for the first time I wobbled to the closet and grabbed something in the dark. I never really know what I am looking at but as long as I am warm I really don't care.

Ooh stairs next! I attack those demons doing a half awake hokey pokey around pets who are now land mines threatening to trip me.

Iced coffee from the fridge (Stok is the bomb) and straight to the laptop. What is in the inbox this morning?

More importantly which inbox to I go to first? Priorities... Crud. I need another sweater and Mr. Doggyhead is hungry. Feed him and grab that sweater. Now maybe I can tackle some business.

No. Still cold....turns on fireplace.....better!

Turns on tunes and digs into dreaded inbox.

I love fall, the turning of the leaves, the smells associated with the season, pumpkins, apples, football. I love black cats and Halloween and the special warmth that comes despite the chill in the air.

I enjoy spending long afternoons curled up tightly in slow passionate kiss and tender embraces in the interest of sheer intimate bliss. Fall lends itself beautifully to this and naturally brings people closer.

Anyways...there I go daydreaming again.

So here I am sorting through emails again, hoping that I get that magical golden ticket of emails. I know we all want the super cute guy who is sweet, sensitive, passionate and wants to please us until we pass out. There are a few and when they do happen you just think woot woot! Thank you cosmic muffin man or woman or pussy goddess or something. Just freaking awesome awesome awesome. Can every day be like today? Because if it can then I am very much down with that. Well so far no golden ticket today. Crud. A few good ones but well hey pussy goddess please send back the hottie already would you?

I'm not supposed to technically notice if anyone is particularly attractive or not. Otherwise I would be crossing some unwritten boundaries. However as a human it's kind of hard not to notice when someone is attractive. It's certainly an occasional occupational hazard. Of course it rarely becomes an issue because of the context of the nature of the situation. 

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