Sports and Sundays

September 16, 2016

Every Sunday a magical thing happens for sports fans everywhere. Football! Explaining the rituals of Sunday to those who aren't sports fans is like offering steak to a vegetarian. They just look at you kind of like you murdered their best friend. (WHAT NO TIME FOR MOI????) (Only if you don't mind standing around making beer runs and hanging out with my over protective cock blocking  dude friends) 

Some folks are miffed that you are planning to spend hours watching multiple different games and maybe some Hockey too as well as Baseball because that's just what we do. is a beautiful thing to cheer on the Boston teams with your friends and hoot and holler. 

Everyone crawls into their favorite crowded spot early and pregame begins. This usually starts with some munchies and some eager wager placing before any action happens. Most of us diehards are already in on all the seasonal pools we can get in on. It is a myth that gals don't like sports. A good sports pub is far more fun than some cheesy hipster hide away. 

Now a funny note about game time fun....up in Maine different outdoor games are sometimes referred to differently than in other areas. So don't come up here with your bean bag toss game calling it cornhole. 

A guy once did that and asked a local if he wanted to "play cornhole" well next thing you know it took 4 guys to hold old bub back because he's from downeast and you don't just ask a man if he wants to do that in front of others. Out of staters.

So nothing is ever allowed to happen during the time of a game, especially any New England game ever. If a person is talking (other than cheering) when Gronk or Brady are doing big things and running with the ball it is acceptable to toss coasters at that person as well as other small objects. 

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