A word about vague emails...

September 22, 2016

Having difficulties getting that coveted appointment you've been so desperately seeking? Wondering why that gorgeous gal wants so much dang information?

Well it's kind of like this, you send a vague email from a throw away email address with your phony name. So it gets opened...John Smith wants an appointment at 2pm on Friday. Well great. I'm not about to try and figure out which John from CT you are. It just gets deleted.

Portland has it's own Human trafficking unit that is connected to the FBI and Homeland Security. They are very active and network with other departments as well as local hotels etc to fight trafficking and End Demand. They are one of several cities that received a huge amount of federal grant money just for this purpose. Knowing this I don't have to explain the risks to anyone. While I'm providing companionship I simply cannot see someone who cannot be discreet. Gentlemen and their companions should always remain discreet, this shouldn't be confused with anonymous. I have to feel safe that you are safe, sane, and discreet. 

If you feel that you are above providing enough information for me to feel comfortable with meeting you then please keep moving along. I will not bend for anyone.

My space must remain safe, comfortable and discreet in order to maintain the positive energy and upbeat feeling that I have cultivated here. My clients work very hard and deserve the absolute best during their time. That includes being in a completely blissed out comfy space that is their own secret therapeutic get away.

That being said I can be very tough about deciding who is a good fit. I can go long periods without accepting any new clients because I'm just not feeling the right energy. I prefer to offer a less contrived more affection oriented experience and that can't just be whipped upon request. There are many other things that can be done on request, like strap play, tease and tie, and sensual domme sessions. Lesser skilled providers will tell you that they can do anything you want within seconds just to get you through the door, they won't verify you because they have nothing to lose. Neither will officers conducting a sting. They just want to line up as many as they can to affect as many arrests as they can. This results in more funding for the department. Of course as an independant provider I am not being trafficked. I make informed decisions about everything I do. I pay taxes, support good causes and am active in my community. ( adult women in the states are not apparently capable of making informed decisions about their bodies without government intervention.) However, stigma and foolish puritanical bullshit still prevail. Therefore I will remain firm about remaining discreet and requiring certain information in order to meet.

 My cuddly, sensual, affection oriented sessions are pretty much reserved for those I hand pick.

I know you are thinking wtf? Well that's fine. However I firmly believe that if I would never be within 3 feet of you in real life then why would I now? If you have nothing to offer by making me laugh, or giggle or you aren't stimulating to listen to or hopefully look at.....well sorry but I might just say no. We all want to fully enjoy ourselves. 

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