Lingerie grab bag

September 22, 2016

Fumbling through my drawers one thing had become ridiculously apparent. My love affair with lingerie was making it damn near impossible to open my drawers. Forget trying to find my sports bras and shorts. 

I have gotten into the habit of just grabbing little handfuls of bras or panties. Kind of like  I am reaching through magic grab bags hoping to get that one piece I'm looking for. Then, dag nabbit  I have to keep trying for the panties. It's more frustrating than popping ten bucks in the magic claw machine and having it always just almost grab that stuffed Bart Simpson.

Sometimes I think cripes I need to organize all of this stuff. When I used to travel and feature in clubs every outfit was organized in it's own baggie and labeled. Well I guess I was either really overly organized then or it just became a necessity. 

I keep my toys and domme equipment very organized as well as all of my garters and stockings. The bras and panties just don't get the same love and they should. I have to add another drawer to their home. 

It's also finally getting to be the best weather for thigh hi's and stockings as well. I love them on my legs and the silkiness of how the feel. During the summer I rarely wear them. The only downside to them is if someone has rough hands or rough dragon feet and snags the crap out of them. (So use that moisturizer on your entire body not just your pecker) Bye bye imported Italian stockings....

For those who love lingerie I have a rather excessive, beautiful collection filled with everything from matching bra and panty sets, corsets, garters, stockings and the like to teddies, silk chemises, and leather. I love it all and am happy to wrap myself up in whatever gorgeous packaging is preferable.

I am not the super short skirt and stilettos with a revealing blouse type. I dress more stylishly and on point. I am professional in my day to day life yet sexy. I'm a fan of good fitting jeans and yoga pants but rarely during meetings (unless it has been requested or casual Friday, snow day etc).

So I suppose my weekend will involve the reorganization of lingerie or the procrastination of such.

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