Feeling good and letting go

September 23, 2016

Embracing yourself as is can be a pretty tall order. None of us just loves every part of ourselves every day all the time. However, we really should appreciate every part of our mire and being. Rather than continually worrying about whether we are attractive enough, fit enough, and meet all of the pre-determined criteria set by some unrealistic bozo somewhere we should just be. We are as good as it gets. Celebrate yourself regardless of your size, shape, whatever. Confidence radiates and it can be contagious. Some of the most fun and the best sex I've ever had has been with larger guys because they were just more comfortable with themselves. The same thing with larger women, they were more comfortable with themselves too. I therefore was free to myself. Not that I am ever not myself, but who wants to worry about feeling like they aren't going to live up to the hype with some 32 year old adonis? I've had sessions where said type of Adonis dudes actually spent more time admiring themselves than me. I had nothing to worry about I was just a prop. 

Regardless of whether you are some chiseled Adonis or a regular pizza eating mortal like the rest of us being comfortable with your nakedness is important. You should be able to feel free to run around your own space completely naked and just do your thing. It is freeing and empowering. It allows you to empower yourself and your sexuality. An empowered person is free to explore and expand their own boundaries without fear, hang-ups or shame. I encourage people to always continue to explore their fantasies. It is healthy and normal to do so. There is no reason to ever feel bad. There are many non-judgemental providers like myself willing to guide you. Letting go and truly enjoying yourself intimately is a necessary part of the human experience. We all need to touch others and yearn to receive that same unique touch. It is what connects us all and reminds us that we are indeed passionate beings.

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