Welcome to Maine...

September 25, 2016

So you aren't a local and you wanna fit in with the locals. Well bub, take off those funny shoes, grab yer lumbah yahd hat and flannel and let's get you started.

The first thing you should know is that they can understand you and what you are saying even though you can't understand them. They can also see you coming from a mile away.

Mainers work hard and are generally easy going good people. Most folks have grown up with each other and will welcome outsiders after a little careful observation.  Outta staters may find themselves in an interesting and fascinating new land up here on the coast.

We have our own regional slang just like anywhere else.  Which means that you can call those delightful crustaceans you just bought bugs. Lobstermen refer to lobsters as bugs...see? Bet you never thought you'd drive up to Boothbay with your sweetie for some steamahs and bugs. Steamahs? Well those sweet babies get dug up fresh by the local folks. It is back breaking work just to get enough to make some money from. However, it is part of a days pay. Sometimes they might get little neck clams, some times quahogs (hogs) and a few oysters.

Further up on our trip through Maine your bound to want to hit up those dang shops in Freeport. Everyone gets lured in by the outlets. Well not one thing in Freeport is free. The town is flanked by the BFI aka big freaking Indian and L.L.BEAN's. The latter being the one place you can go at 10pm on Christmas eve and finish up that last minute shopping.

When asking for directions don't expect actual street names. We will likely tell you that if you want to get there from here....well...

First it could take some consulting with three other locals to decide if you should take the old dump road or maybe go past where the old barn burned down. Then of course you don't want to take risks on the east bum diddling road because you're going to get your truck all stove up. (Stove up, stove in all bad stuff)

Then you will get some conflicting accounts about how Lenny used to sell fireworks on the corner by the farmstand. Pay attention because directions are in there somewhere. We are chit chatters and like to reminisce.

Now that you finally think you know how to get to the fair you are on your way. Well you were gonna use gps but what's an hour or so to nowhere'sville?

So we work on the roads constantly here, take note. At any given time on any road there will be construction because if they don't use those funds they lose 'em. That also means an average of 20 extra flaggers just standing around doing absolutely nothing for what seems like 30 miles of road work. This is what I think is economic growth in some way. 

Now, you're going to see many vehicles on the highways and byways of Maine. However the most coveted vehicle of the true seasoned Mainah is the loaded woopah hoopah. Don't cha know what that is? Well be it Ford, Chevy, or GM it must be big, guzzle oodles of gas, and have the option of either a laddah rack or plow package. Any prized woopah hoopah won't have a scratch on her. A working woopah hoopah will be beat to heck with a good story to go with each dent. 

Now that you have an inside look at the natives, come on in...it says we are open for business when you enter the state. Just be friendly and respectful.

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