Compersion and my sweet poodle

October 6, 2016

So what is compersion? It often goes hand in hand with poly folks. It is freeing in many ways but takes a strong foundation. It is the notion that you are happy and comfortable with seeing your parter happy emotionally and sexually with another person's sexual and emotional company. It isn't getting jealous or any of that.

Not everyone is ready for a polyamorous situation. It isn't swinging and it isn't just inviting different parters into your partnership. Each situation is carefully negotiated to protect the sanctity of the individual relationship between the main couple. Then based upon those agreements the love bugs will decide what works best for them. That may mean wifey or boyfriend or whatever simply steps away from the relationship for an evening out etc with an agreed upon lover that usually remains very much in the picture. The other partner will be happy to see you return cheeks flushed and aglow in renewal. The point being that everyone remains happy, and maintaining balance is what is important. Genuine happiness and joy for your partner less any ill feelings is the best thing a person can feel. It isn't always a perfect fit for everyone and definitely not for anyone prone to trust issues. This takes tremendous understanding. Nobody just brings others into the mix without some sort of understanding. People tend to think that just bringing another gal or guy etc into things is easy peasy. Well I love women and let me tell you, the fruit you reach for is always better than what falls at your feet. I'm often asked if I have girl friends who can join etc. Okay let's think this over, maybe my girlfriends are not into guys, maybe I know what they enjoy and you aren't it? How about another dude? Huh... no? What about a really hot TS? I know several. Maybe you have your hands full with one gal already, do you just think two of us are going to amuse you? I haven't even played with your ass yet man!!!! You gotta pull out the stops...Uhhh in a word no. I am not sharing my goodies. I am very picky with my ladies,  and you dudes need to start gifting me some hot girls. I just once want someone to say hey...I got you a hot chick (one that I will like)..have fun...I'll be making sammies in the kitchen when you're ready for me. Now that is complete compersion!

On another spin I got my own atta girl yesterday. I've continually supported my buddy to get him over a bunch of hang ups and trust in himself. He is now doing super awesome and is totally killing it in multiple areas of business and his personal life. He is just totally on top of his game. He went through a few rough patches and then actively pursued his goals and got the girl. Which makes me so happy I just could squirt rainbows and cupcakes. Getting a thank you for merely encouraging my dear poodle to reach inside himself and do what I knew he could achieve all this time with some atta boys was really nice. He is one of the most talented and amazing people I have ever met. We truly speak the same language. Words are rarely even necessary.

Poodle isn't the first to thank me for my can do enthusiasm or encouragement. Dangerboy also loves my goofy spirited sideline cheering. Because when in doubt I'm always the one to remain stable and prop someone else up. Until of course they start whining. I don't do whiny people or whiny dogs. That's when I am out. You get about a 3 second pity party then move on. There's no crying in baseball remember???

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