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October 11, 2016

Cheesy horror movies and science fiction movies are my go to staple. If I feel crappy, have a cold or am just achy and sore I grab a cozy blanket and some sweats and hunker down in front of some really bad movies. I can be partial to old classic westerns and such as well. However, it just can't be too new. There is something about the older movies and shows I just melt into. Sitcoms were fantastic and every Star trek was awesome in it's own way.

Classic Clint Eastwood movies and spaghetti westerns can easily make a snowy afternoon much brighter. Of course so can some old Vincent Price, Dark Shadows or the Twilight Zone. They just don't make great television or movies they way they used to. Alfred Hitchcock was an outstanding artist of the bizarrely macabre.

These days we don't have quite the same talent around. Of course that time period has it's own wonderful elements. I enjoy the magic and dark humor of Tim Burton's work in many ways. It is quite unique and charmingly adorable.

Who doesn't enjoy adorable and fun, quirky monsters? I'm partial to the classic horror comic book style monsters and early movie staples. Frankenstein, Dracula, any matter of amphibious monster creature, Werewolves and such. I don't do clowns. Sorry but just no. Dentists are on that list too despite the absolute necessity of seeing one regularly. They are creepy and just freak me out. A clown dentist is probably a guaranteed hear attack. 

Fortunately I am lucky enough to be able to utilize a good not too creepy dentist who doesn't have enormous hands and ask me to open wider or try to force my mouth open so far it pops. Some are just frightening to the point where you are questioning whether they have ever worked on anything other than a Dexter head. 

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