Treating people like humans

October 17, 2016

When was the last time you felt like you were really being treated like a person, an actual human being during a session? Do you treat your chosen providers as you wish to be treated?

Sometimes there are assumptions made, miscommunications, misunderstandings, or just ignorance of how this dance with a true professional actually works. The lady may not behave in a professional, discreet, affectionate, courteous manner. That may be a bad day or just the gal.

Every person is different. Clients are people with feelings just as providers are humans with feelings and real lives. If we are all considerate of one another things usually go very well.

When things go south is when one person starts seeking things that are unavailable. That could be the coveted FWB that clients often seek. Unsafe behavior which is cringe worthy. Even if you are lucky enough to have had a wonderfully fun time privately with your lady friend this is her business. Respect her business and she will respect you.

Being cool or friendly with one another doesn't exempt anyone from actually contributing to the honey pot. There is no free lunch as we all know.

That will result in getting cut off and put in the freebie seeker category. The same thing for the sugar daddy wannabes who are just clients who seek to monopolize vast amounts of time for very little.

Then there are those pesky user loser idiots who are always emailing offering up some useless barter or service that you don't want because they are broke. Why? Because some gal will agree to his scheme and her self worth is in the toilet. This industry is rife with addicts and gals with no self worth who are waiting for their next loser to come live off of their earnings.

No not every gal has issues but a vast majority of the ladies do. There are many safe, sane, well put together and have their shit together women in the business. What separates the wheat from the chaff is professionalism, integrity, good bedside manner, and how you treat people. Clients should be looking closely at these things when choosing providers.

I absolutely look at these things in selecting compatible clientele. I treat my clients like old friends and want them to feel relaxed and comfortable. Creating a welcoming, warm, safe atmosphere is essential to the relaxation and stress relief that is being sought.

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