Unplug and reset

October 24, 2016

Unplugging is essential to reconnecting with ourselves and grounding with the universe as a whole. We spend so much of our day checking emails, on our phones, social media, networking, and communicating without any real effective dialogue.

We lose sight of our selves, our intention and the moment. It is hard to be in the moment when you are trying to think ten steps ahead and worry about the last ten steps you've taken.

As hard as it seems, unplugging from technology is necessary to tune out the noise and tune back into your own harmonious balance. Turn off the tv, radio, computer and yes the phone. Be still in the moment and enjoy the silence flowing through you. It can seem almost uncomfortable at first given the noisy world we live in. However, even twenty minutes of quiet solitude can lift your spirits and refocus and reenergize the spirit. Some prefer meditation to ease into that space, others find a place in nature meets their needs.

Slow deep breathing can usually help get you there. By inhaling (breathing in the positive thoughts)through the nose to a slow count to 5 or 6 deep into the lungs and belly and gently exhaling from the belly out through the mouth (breathing out and releasing any negative thoughts)you can restore your being to a centered space.

This is a nice way to gently stay in check and self regulate during the day. As the holiday season approaches this may be more helpful to many of you. It does become easier the more you do it.

I often simply turn my phone off when I am not expecting business calls and only check my email a couple of times a day. It will still be there. Nothing is an emergency and I don't need to be tethered to the phone. I find it peaceful to simply leave the phone off all day on the weekends and check it when I make time to. Life will continue to go on and all will be well. Making time and space for yourself is incredibly important. 

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