Working with spirit energy....walking between the worlds.

April 10, 2018

Spirit energy comes in a variety of different forms and is sensed differently by everyone. Some are more in tune with their ability than others. Some are also highly gifted and spirit knows this...seeking out that energy as a means of communicating with those who can indeed easily or readily sense them. Whether you get the chills, goosebumps, or just a feeling...or a sense of that spirit is working to get your attention. 


I have always had a level of communication with spirit since I was a young girl. I was often frightened by the experiences that I had when we lived in one particular old apartment that had once been a shoe factory. I swore to my parents that ghosts were in my room talking with me and moving things. Of course as a 4 or 5 year old I am sure they were convinced I just wanted to stay up with the grown folks. I had previously had similar experiences in my great-grandmother's home. I was shushed and quickly read a story and put back to bed. I could still feel, experience, and hear everything that they assured me was NOT REAL. But it was....


I tried for years to sort of put these things aside. They always came back and found me, not always scary as they had been though. Mostly just reaching out and very strong feelings, knowing things I could never have known and sensing things out of nowhere. I learned to be quiet about it and keep these things to myself. It helped keep me safe to some extent and I feared what church types and adults and authority figures would say. 


In the meantime my intuitive empath abilities grew and grew whether I realized it or not. I became very observant and aware of people, places, and things. Sometimes out of necessity *I was always different* and sometimes out of sheer curiosity. I remember asking my Mother, Nana and Aunts many times about Spirits and the afterlife. I was reassured nothing there was to be feared. Only the living were to be feared. (Reassuring huh?) 


The last couple of years I have immersed myself in classes to further journey into the veil between the worlds. I realize that after years in healthcare, my own health issues, and working so closely with others this was what I needed. I needed to understand the how and the why of what was happening, and why was spirit energy coming to me? It is so helpful and grounding to have a sense of understanding of what my gifts are now. I am so much better at knowing how to tap in and use them correctly to help others. I also know that nope, nothing weird about it.


My big awakening was after I dealt with brain surgery. Suddenly as if I wasn't already like an open source, I became much more tuned in. I'm grateful to be able to help others when ever and where ever I can. I feel a lot of energy and It can be profoundly exhausting at times. It is however very rewarding when it facilitates healing for others. My goal is always to openly and honestly assist in facilitating positive healing. My experiences are getting better and better as I move forward. 


I feel incredibly blessed to be able to remember even a fraction of the massive amount of knowledge that I am voraciously consuming these days. The world is in a tough place and many are in need of love, light and positive good vibes. 


When you struggle or feel lost remember you are never truly alone, you are always surrounded by spirit. Regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs, we all are surrounded by vast amounts of energy and spirit working in and around us. Honor it just for today.





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